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Quito – Ecuador
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CBA S.A. aware of the great benefits granted by the blockchain technology, has seen the need to share and expand its use, in order to improve the quality of life of people, always with a wide ethical sense that promotes values such as transparency, honesty and integrity.


We are a focused on encouraging the use and implementation of blockchain projects and tools that promote the creation of ventures capable of generating a positive impact in the world.


To be a reference worldwide in the blockchain ecosystem, recognized for our commitment to innovation, quality and the environment.



We have a team of elite traders, specialized in cryptocurrency financial markets, who offer comprehensive advice on investments in digital markets.


We have a strategic alliance with Mining Z1Group, a company that is in charge of advising and implementing computer equipment for cryptocurrency mining.


We have investment funds to promote projects related to blockchain technology.

We provide advice and support for the creation of Initial Coin Offering (ICOs), through which you can build a crowdfunding for the development and implementation of blockchain

In CBA we help improving your quality of life

Technology creates opportunities for who knows how to use it


Xavier Ballesteros

Founder & CEO

Asesor de Inversiones & Emprendedor de tecnología Blockchain

Mario Freire

Cofounder & Vicepresident

Trader Profesional
Propietario de BitMart

Daniel Crespo

General Manager

Propietario de Pryffer

David Crespo

Gerente de Planificación

Experto en Minería de Criptodivisas
Propietario de Mining Group Z1 & Desarrollador de MBA Pryffer

Marco Sosa

Gerente Financiero

Trader Fundamental de Cryptodivisas

Alex Auncancela

Gerente de Inversiones

Trader Técnico de Cryptodivisas

David Villalba

Gerente de Operaciones

Trader Técnico de Criptodivisas



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